HERO by Mike Lupica 
This book was about a boy named Zach who was a common kid that lived in New York City. Zach's dad died in a plane crash in the beginning of this story. Zach and his mom are very sad and his dad was said to be a common man "how could he have died in a plane crash". Zach dose a lot of investigating about his dad and finds a picture of his did with the mayor. towards the middle of this story Zach starts to feel stronger and senses crime he is inheriting powers turning into a super hero.
                    My favorite part of this book was?
 Well this was my favorite book that I have ever read i just want to put that out there. I had many parts that I loved but there was one part that was my favorite. My favorite part was the part in the book when Zach (the main character) was just a normal kid still and he was walking around the city when out of nowere he "sensed crime" . He wanted to run towards his sense so  he did he found a lady and a man who was waiting in a bush to mug her.  Zach had to think "what do i do" he walked up to the lady and told her to walk the other way so she did. The mugger surprised ran toward  Zach and attempted to tackle him he had fallen on the ground , Zach hadn't even noticed  that he had knocked the man down. That was my favorite part of the book hero. 
                             THANK YOU FOR READING 
                                                                       ~Zack Page

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