I, Alex Cross 
I, Alex Cross written by "James Patterson" starts when  at a birthday party with his family detective Alex Cross Receives a call from his bosses informing him that Caroline, the only daughter of his late brother Blake, has been found murdered. along with his girlfriend cross rushes to the state where the crime took place, Cross and is girlfriend are shocked to discover that Caroline's body was found messed up (most likely by a wood chipper!) in the trunk of a car driven by someone with connections to organized crime. This book was intense and had some scary but action packed scenes.

My favorite part of this book was......
The (intenseness) in the book, Im a big fan of action movies and not usually books but this book was action and  crime investigation  packed and it got my attention. My 
Favorite scene was a scene involving Zeus "Masked Man" who got into a fight in one of the "Clubs" she was involved with and i don't want to tell you what happened but it was one of the best chapters. There was also an investigation scene that i liked very much, Alex had just arrived at the crime scene and he starts investigating, Cross finds many items and clues to help set the book up for later.
                                                                          Zack Page

  ~Freak The Mighty~
The main character of this story is MaxHere's what you need to know about Max, he's huge and he lives with his grandparents. By the time he is in 8th grade, he is the size of a grown man. His size and a few other details make him sort of an outcast, but he soon becomes Kevin's "BFF", who Max calls "Freak". Freak is small and insanely smart. These two boys could not be more different, but they quickly become close friends. Freak tries to teach Max about school education, and Max just sort of smiles and nods like he understands "most of the time". After hanging out for a while the boys form "Freak the Mighty" which is basically Freak sitting on Max's shoulders. Together these two are unstoppable after all it is Freak the smart on Max the giant. The boys go on a bunch of adventures and quests together, one of which involves returning a woman's stolen purse... you will have to read about that. My favorite part of this story was that i was able to relate to max. Max was a big kid for his age and I am also Im not the smartest like Kevin but i have really smart friends too, My friends are not like Kevin they don't sit on my head. Overall this book was a 7 It wasn't my favorite book but it was fun to read and imagine it. 

                                                       ~ FrEaK Page 

  Getting   Awa With
Getting away with murder is a book that tells a true story about a boy named Emit Till a boy who was out and he whistled at a woman who was white Emit was African american this story is set in the times when everything was segregated. A couple days after Emit was out he was at his house when a car pulled up there was the white woman and two men.  They took him from his home said they where police. A week after Emits body was found bruised and bloddy in the middle of a river by a fisherman. the story continues with funerals protests and court cases that I don't want to give away. 
My favorite part of this book was........... This is hard to say because the whole plot of the book was sad and angered me. The fact this was a true story was my favorite and worst liked part. This kid Emit Revolutionized black segregating and the KKK the men who did this was part of the KKK. He discouraged lynchings by the KKK the men who got away with this murder where very lucky but also they have been hated by everyone who hears this story. Overall this book was a 9/10 but i hated the story about emit dying.

   Stolen Children
      ~PEG  KEHRET~
Amy is determined to make up for her mistakes and prove to her father that she can be responsible. She signs up for a babysitting class in hopes of earning a bit of money to help with some of the bills. Then she lucks out and her babysitting class teacher recommends her for a new job. Three year old Kendras parents are rich they even keep the expensive kind of ice cream in the freezer. And Kendra is a complete angel to amy ,easy to take care of, very sweet and even goes down for her nap without any fuss. But thats when the simple part of the job ends. Amy is in her  kendras house babysitting again peaceful night amy falls asleep by the pool, kedra was sleeping in her room. Amy wakes up to find that kendra wasent there she looked everywhere in the house........ 
 Two strangers burst into the scene and kidnap Amy and Kendra. Amy hadn’t been part of the plan but the kidnappers decide to make another ransom. They take the girls out to a remote cabin without any electricity or running water. Amy tries her best to keep Kendra clean, fed, entertained and relaxed while struggling to remain calm herself. The abductors plan to use a series of videos to increase the parent fear and anxiety, leading up to demanding the ransom.
Desperate to do something, Amy cleverly designs some clues to slip into the videos, hoping her mom and best friend will figure them out and pass them on to the police. But what if her clues dont work. Amy has no doubt that Kendra’s parents will pay the ransom and they will be free.


~Hunger Games~                         
                 ~Suzanne Collins~

I    read the hunger games over thanksgiving break i was the first time i had picked up a hunger games book. I loved the movie so i decided to read the book and compare it the to the movie they where surprisingly accurate the characters in the book where almost just like the actors in the movies they looked as described in the book... anyways this is what the book was about. The Hunger Games was a story about a teenage girl named Katness Evidine she lived in a "district" that was very poor. the world was split into districts by there jobs or the recourses they have. For example the district Katness is in has many cole miners therefor they are very poor and cant afford much food many people hunt like Katness she hunts to eat and sell. Once every year there is a terrible "battle" where two teenagers from a district get sent to a person operated nature area and fight to the death "may the best district win"
Katness who lived with her sister and mom was the family leader she made the money and did the work. her sister was just turning the age that was eligible to be in the games and it was that time of year. Primrose Katness's little sister was in a huge crowd with all of the other kids and teens hoping them and there family member don't get chosen, Primroses name was randomly selected to be in the girl tribute for the games. Allmost instantly Katness volunteered to be a tribute instead of her sister so she wouldn't die. The boy that was selected was a boy around Katness in age his name was Pettah he was very strong but him and Katness had a bad past together they set off for the "Hunger Games" they are very sad even though they are on a train full of good food that they have never had the opportunity to eat when they arrive at the district in which they will get interviewed, trained and do parades that is how they get sponsored, sponsors help you in the middle of the games they will shoot supplies at u in little parachutes. Katness and Petta have amazing clothes that help to get them sponsors they are flaming literally they have fake flames coming out of there clothes they get sponsors by doing that there teacher-trainer for the hunger games is a man who had been in the hunger games and one many years before Katness and Petta were chosen. After a couple weeks maybe a month or two it was game day. The people that control the games map (game-makers) are prepping the beginning (feast) that the tributes will start around. The (feast) is filled with weapons, aid, food and many more supplies, Katness who is very good with a bow due to hunting was planning on taking the bow that she saw the games are about to start they get into place the countdown starts off START IN .......10......9.......8.......7.......6.......5........4........3........2.......1 everyone rushed for supplies Katness got the bow and arrows and ran  into the woods. Some people didn't get anything and just ran into the woods......... some of the tributes got slashed and killed right at the beginning a few cannons were heard in  the distance they were showing how many tributes died Katness lived she didn't know about Petta. The rest of this book was about the game from Katnesses point of veiw i dont want to spoil anything there is so much that happens so much action this is a 10/10 book I highly recommend reading it. 


    Maniac Magee
                           JERRY SPINELLI 
Jeffrey's parents were killed in a trolley accident when he was three. he spent the next eight years in the household of his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan, who hated each other but refused to divorce and so lived in the same house without speaking to each other, using Jeffrey as there only happiness. One day Jeffery was very angry during a school musical. Jeffrey screams at them from the stage, "Talk to each other!" and then runs away. That's the beginning of his running and his searching for a real home,with real parents and real friends. He ends up in the town of Two Mills, two hundred miles away from his aunt and uncle. Two Mills is a town divided by race into East and West "weird to me". There Jeffrey gets the nickname "Maniac Magee". In his search for a place to belong, he finishes by bringing the town together by forcing at least some of the Blacks and Whites to know each other. playing games they all had fun.
                                    MY FAVORITE PART WAS .......... Magee himself
the characters in this book were all unique and different. mostly Magee He has a strong sense of justice, knowledge and an amazing attitude towards everything.  Magee was extremely sporty he could do every part of every sport perfectly. was a sketchy character from the start running off , having nothing but old clothes, covered in mud and tears. The only time he shows any fear is near the end of the book when he cannot walk out on the trolley where his parents were killed.

HERO by Mike Lupica 
This book was about a boy named Zach who was a common kid that lived in New York City. Zach's dad died in a plane crash in the beginning of this story. Zach and his mom are very sad and his dad was said to be a common man "how could he have died in a plane crash". Zach dose a lot of investigating about his dad and finds a picture of his did with the mayor. towards the middle of this story Zach starts to feel stronger and senses crime he is inheriting powers turning into a super hero.
                    My favorite part of this book was?
 Well this was my favorite book that I have ever read i just want to put that out there. I had many parts that I loved but there was one part that was my favorite. My favorite part was the part in the book when Zach (the main character) was just a normal kid still and he was walking around the city when out of nowere he "sensed crime" . He wanted to run towards his sense so  he did he found a lady and a man who was waiting in a bush to mug her.  Zach had to think "what do i do" he walked up to the lady and told her to walk the other way so she did. The mugger surprised ran toward  Zach and attempted to tackle him he had fallen on the ground , Zach hadn't even noticed  that he had knocked the man down. That was my favorite part of the book hero. 
                             THANK YOU FOR READING 
                                                                       ~Zack Page

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