Getting   Awa With
Getting away with murder is a book that tells a true story about a boy named Emit Till a boy who was out and he whistled at a woman who was white Emit was African american this story is set in the times when everything was segregated. A couple days after Emit was out he was at his house when a car pulled up there was the white woman and two men.  They took him from his home said they where police. A week after Emits body was found bruised and bloddy in the middle of a river by a fisherman. the story continues with funerals protests and court cases that I don't want to give away. 
My favorite part of this book was........... This is hard to say because the whole plot of the book was sad and angered me. The fact this was a true story was my favorite and worst liked part. This kid Emit Revolutionized black segregating and the KKK the men who did this was part of the KKK. He discouraged lynchings by the KKK the men who got away with this murder where very lucky but also they have been hated by everyone who hears this story. Overall this book was a 9/10 but i hated the story about emit dying.

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