~Hunger Games~                         
                 ~Suzanne Collins~

I    read the hunger games over thanksgiving break i was the first time i had picked up a hunger games book. I loved the movie so i decided to read the book and compare it the to the movie they where surprisingly accurate the characters in the book where almost just like the actors in the movies they looked as described in the book... anyways this is what the book was about. The Hunger Games was a story about a teenage girl named Katness Evidine she lived in a "district" that was very poor. the world was split into districts by there jobs or the recourses they have. For example the district Katness is in has many cole miners therefor they are very poor and cant afford much food many people hunt like Katness she hunts to eat and sell. Once every year there is a terrible "battle" where two teenagers from a district get sent to a person operated nature area and fight to the death "may the best district win"
Katness who lived with her sister and mom was the family leader she made the money and did the work. her sister was just turning the age that was eligible to be in the games and it was that time of year. Primrose Katness's little sister was in a huge crowd with all of the other kids and teens hoping them and there family member don't get chosen, Primroses name was randomly selected to be in the girl tribute for the games. Allmost instantly Katness volunteered to be a tribute instead of her sister so she wouldn't die. The boy that was selected was a boy around Katness in age his name was Pettah he was very strong but him and Katness had a bad past together they set off for the "Hunger Games" they are very sad even though they are on a train full of good food that they have never had the opportunity to eat when they arrive at the district in which they will get interviewed, trained and do parades that is how they get sponsored, sponsors help you in the middle of the games they will shoot supplies at u in little parachutes. Katness and Petta have amazing clothes that help to get them sponsors they are flaming literally they have fake flames coming out of there clothes they get sponsors by doing that there teacher-trainer for the hunger games is a man who had been in the hunger games and one many years before Katness and Petta were chosen. After a couple weeks maybe a month or two it was game day. The people that control the games map (game-makers) are prepping the beginning (feast) that the tributes will start around. The (feast) is filled with weapons, aid, food and many more supplies, Katness who is very good with a bow due to hunting was planning on taking the bow that she saw the games are about to start they get into place the countdown starts off START IN .......10......9.......8.......7.......6.......5........4........3........2.......1 everyone rushed for supplies Katness got the bow and arrows and ran  into the woods. Some people didn't get anything and just ran into the woods......... some of the tributes got slashed and killed right at the beginning a few cannons were heard in  the distance they were showing how many tributes died Katness lived she didn't know about Petta. The rest of this book was about the game from Katnesses point of veiw i dont want to spoil anything there is so much that happens so much action this is a 10/10 book I highly recommend reading it. 


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