I, Alex Cross 
I, Alex Cross written by "James Patterson" starts when  at a birthday party with his family detective Alex Cross Receives a call from his bosses informing him that Caroline, the only daughter of his late brother Blake, has been found murdered. along with his girlfriend cross rushes to the state where the crime took place, Cross and is girlfriend are shocked to discover that Caroline's body was found messed up (most likely by a wood chipper!) in the trunk of a car driven by someone with connections to organized crime. This book was intense and had some scary but action packed scenes.

My favorite part of this book was......
The (intenseness) in the book, Im a big fan of action movies and not usually books but this book was action and  crime investigation  packed and it got my attention. My 
Favorite scene was a scene involving Zeus "Masked Man" who got into a fight in one of the "Clubs" she was involved with and i don't want to tell you what happened but it was one of the best chapters. There was also an investigation scene that i liked very much, Alex had just arrived at the crime scene and he starts investigating, Cross finds many items and clues to help set the book up for later.
                                                                          Zack Page

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