Maniac Magee
                           JERRY SPINELLI 
Jeffrey's parents were killed in a trolley accident when he was three. he spent the next eight years in the household of his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan, who hated each other but refused to divorce and so lived in the same house without speaking to each other, using Jeffrey as there only happiness. One day Jeffery was very angry during a school musical. Jeffrey screams at them from the stage, "Talk to each other!" and then runs away. That's the beginning of his running and his searching for a real home,with real parents and real friends. He ends up in the town of Two Mills, two hundred miles away from his aunt and uncle. Two Mills is a town divided by race into East and West "weird to me". There Jeffrey gets the nickname "Maniac Magee". In his search for a place to belong, he finishes by bringing the town together by forcing at least some of the Blacks and Whites to know each other. playing games they all had fun.
                                    MY FAVORITE PART WAS .......... Magee himself
the characters in this book were all unique and different. mostly Magee He has a strong sense of justice, knowledge and an amazing attitude towards everything.  Magee was extremely sporty he could do every part of every sport perfectly. was a sketchy character from the start running off , having nothing but old clothes, covered in mud and tears. The only time he shows any fear is near the end of the book when he cannot walk out on the trolley where his parents were killed.

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