Stolen Children
      ~PEG  KEHRET~
Amy is determined to make up for her mistakes and prove to her father that she can be responsible. She signs up for a babysitting class in hopes of earning a bit of money to help with some of the bills. Then she lucks out and her babysitting class teacher recommends her for a new job. Three year old Kendras parents are rich they even keep the expensive kind of ice cream in the freezer. And Kendra is a complete angel to amy ,easy to take care of, very sweet and even goes down for her nap without any fuss. But thats when the simple part of the job ends. Amy is in her  kendras house babysitting again peaceful night amy falls asleep by the pool, kedra was sleeping in her room. Amy wakes up to find that kendra wasent there she looked everywhere in the house........ 
 Two strangers burst into the scene and kidnap Amy and Kendra. Amy hadn’t been part of the plan but the kidnappers decide to make another ransom. They take the girls out to a remote cabin without any electricity or running water. Amy tries her best to keep Kendra clean, fed, entertained and relaxed while struggling to remain calm herself. The abductors plan to use a series of videos to increase the parent fear and anxiety, leading up to demanding the ransom.
Desperate to do something, Amy cleverly designs some clues to slip into the videos, hoping her mom and best friend will figure them out and pass them on to the police. But what if her clues dont work. Amy has no doubt that Kendra’s parents will pay the ransom and they will be free.


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